Nearly all our items, from our collections, were given to the Seminary 's library by the people living in the Saint-Hyacinthe vincinity, or by ancient Seminary's students and sometimes from somewhere else (Montreal, Quebec city, Sherbrooke and from United States).  A good part of all the collections were acquired at the death of the people when they donate their books and magazines, to the library of the Seminary of Saint-Hyacinthe.  These donations also happen when people are doing their spring-cleaning, or when they move to a smaller apartment or a retirement home.  We wish to thank them all, for all those treasures that we can find in our collections, gracefully acquired, by their unlimited and great generosity.

      The actual buying of new items are specifically linked to the continuation and improvement of the great existing religious and Canadiana collections.  A managing policy of the acquistion by donation exists since 1994.

      Annually, we received betwen 500 to 5,000 items (books, periodicals, pamphlets or tracts) in donation.  It is impossible for us to keep all these items, so, what we discard is sold at the library at a very bargain price.  The money is used to improve our collections and for computerize the collections.  If it is not sold, it is given.