Loan and consultation rates , Library visits , Opening hours ,
Geographic location of the Seminary



Loan and consultation rates

   Consultation at the library : it is free of charge.

   The library of the Seminary of Saint-Hyacinthe is open to everyone.

   Borrowing rate :
10 $ / year for all extern users from the Seminary.

Free of charge for all residents and employees of the Seminary, for the pastoral agents, the priests, the religious and the Sisters of the Saint-Hyacinthe's diocese and the theological or pastoral students from the Saint-Hyacinthe's Diocese.

Libraries interloans

      The library has signed agreements with some other canadian libraries.  You may loan our items by sending us an interloan formulary as request by all the libraries involved in the interloan policy.  There are some fees to pay for borrowing items from our library.  All items dated before 1900 should consult in our library at the Seminary of Saint-Hyacinthe, because of their fragility and scarcity.

Loan lenght and quantity permitted

Type of documents Consultation
Books, booklets, periodicals printed before 1900 Only at the library
No borrowing
Books, booklets printed after 1900 Maximum borrowing of 8 items for a period of 4 weeks
Newspapers Only at the library
No borrowing
Periodicals printed after 1900 Maximum borrowing of 4 items for a period of 1 weeks
Periodicals of the current year No borrowing
Only at the library for the most recent issue
Periodicals printed before 1900 Only at the library
No borrowing

      You could renew your items borrowed only once time and only if there is no other user has not claimed the items borrowed by you.  If it the case, the borrower will bring back quickly the items requested by the other user.

      The renewing of your loaned items could be done by different ways, such as :    A loan policy exists since 1994.

Return of items

Overdue loans, lost or damaged items

      Any items overdue could be charge of a fine of the amount of 1.00 $ per item and per day overdue.

      Items broken during the loan will be repaired by our binding workshop or by an independant binding workshop.  The cost of the repairs will be reimburse by the borrower.  Our binding rates change for each items because of the kind and the type of repair to do.

      If the item is lost, then the borrower will have to repay the actual price of the item.  There are also administrative and technical costs of 100,00$ per item lost.

Library  visits

       The librarian would be please to do a visit of the library of the Seminary of Saint-Hyacinthe and some other parts of the Seminary such as the charming neo-gothic chapell, the museum exhibitions.  It is better to call us, before doing any project to visit us, so the librarian could tell you, if he is available or not.  For all groups, we suggest you to take an appointment. The scheduled hours to do a visit of the chapell are : 9 h, 10 h 30, 13 h and 14 h 30.

Opening hours

       Monday and Tuesday from 13 h to 17 h.

      Wednesday and Thursday from 8 h to 12 h , and from 12 h 30 to 16 h 30.

       If you need more informations, do not hesitate to contact the librarian Mr Bernard Auger.

      It is always better to phone before doing any visit, so you will be sure that the library will be open.  Sometimes, it happens that the librarian has to leave for meetings or else.

   That will be a pleasure meeting you.

   Bernard Auger, librarian.

Geographic location of the Seminary

      From Montreal, take the highway 20 going to Québec city, until you reach the Exit 133 "Rue Girouard" at Saint-Hyacinthe.  At the first STOP, you turn to your left on the Casavant East Boulevard. At the next STOP, you turn to your right, you will be on Girouard Street.  Continue until the next STOP at the corner of Vézina Street.  The Seminary is located at few meters before the next STOP at the corner of Pratte Street.  The address is 650, Girouard East Street , Saint-Hyacinthe J2S 2Y2.  Please, use the main entry and at the reception desk, ask to meet the librarian.

Map of the Seminary and the city of Saint-Hyacinthe
Map borrowed from the Société du Patrimoine religieux du diocèse de Saint-Hyacinthe.